Are you looking for an energetic, dynamic teleseminar or writers’/author’s conference speaker who oozes actionable information?

If your audience is coaches, consultants, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, CEOs, nonprofit heads, doctors, lawyers, realtors, financial planners or other professionals who are — or should be — thinking about creating a book to build their business or brand, these topics that Carol speaks about are essentials they absolutely must master:

• 30 powerhouse results a book can create for a business or a brand.

• How to decide what to write about (or how to get started) for a book that produces business growth (this 20-step process isn’t what you think).

• 21 quick and easy ways to pre-publicize your book before you start writing so it’s delivering important business results while it’s being written.

• 28 of the very best national nonfiction book awards executive authors can apply for to boost visibility, status and book sales.

• 150 income streams and products for your business to create from your book.

• How the nature of your business must determine the nature of your book (i.e., the unique book characteristics required by: a regional vs national business, building a consulting business vs a speaking empire, a goal of attracting new clients in a current market vs. entering a new one, etc.).

• As the leading expert about the 555 proven book types that build a business and a brand, Carol can speak about numerous subsets of the 555 such as the 111 types of how-to books or the 160 types of fast-track books that require less writing than the typical business-building book. The special report offered at the right describes 77 of the 555 (including two dozen of the fast-track types), if you’d like to take a look.

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