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21 Ways to Pre-Publicize Your Business-Building Book

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Many first-time authors think they don’t have to worry about marketing their book until it’s about to hit the market, but nothing could be further from the truth. Executive authors in the know realize their real opportunity to begin marketing occurs before their book is even written. All you need is a working title, and […]

The Importance for Professionals of Writing a Book

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Have you seen the new survey report by Hinge Marketing: Visible Experts – How High Visibility Expertise Helps Professionals, Their Firms, and Their Clients? It’s definitely worth getting (it’s free) from the library of Hinge’s website. It details: • Why over 1,000 clients surveyed prefer to hire visible experts, and the practical benefits that doing […]

10 Steps to Creating a Game-Changing Book for Your Business

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By now, you’ve probably heard the buzz in marketing circles about the hot new trend for business owners, coaches, professionals, experts and executives — creating a book to describe and differentiate your expertise and business, open doors to new relationships and opportunities and generate significant business growth. As with most large and complex projects, getting […]