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Yes, executives and professionals are massively different from other authors, and their publishing consultant needs to be an expert about those differences. Executives’ opportunities are so often larger than life, and they have much less of their own time to put into the project. Plus the options they can create and leverage go way beyond the typical author’s of getting their book into bookstores and attracting high-profile book reviews and media interviews.

Executives need an expert with plenty of business experience in more than just the publishing world if they’re going to make the most of their book. The key is to hire a publishing consultant like me who has lived the executive life, been a successful executive author and understands these dynamic, high-stakes options and opportunities.

Complex, varied goals and audiences.

If you lead an organization, own a business or are a professional, the first thing that’s essential is to have well-defined goals and target markets. Anything less will mean wasted time and effort as well as possible missed opportunities. I can’t tell you how many leaders I’ve met who have a book out that did nothing for them. My guess is they didn’t start with clear goals, a detailed profile of which readers would help them get there and a tactical road map for putting their book into those hands (or for getting noticed by those targets). They probably didn’t have an expert on their team who understands executive authors’ issues. Your potential goals and audiences are much more complex and varied than the average author’s (Think B2B targets are easier to reach and convince than B2Cs? Think again — or maybe you have both to consider.), and therefore they need to be thoughtfully planned.

Numerous opportunities.

And speaking of potential opportunities, yours are so numerous that it’s important to think big and dream about what you want to have happen as your book starts opening doors and creating stepping stones to yet more doors. When you do that dreaming, don’t be limited by what you think could happen, for a book is a wondrous thing that often delivers astounding and unexpected results. Instead, focus on what you want, even if it seems far-reaching and unlikely.

Resources to explore and exploit varied opportunities.

Want your book to make you famous, powerful and rich? Think in specific terms about what that looks like and how it translates into your future activities as well as the people who will start knowing about you and your work. tourism online . armenia All of that, too, needs to go into your plan. And most of all, be personally primed and have resources ready to explore and exploit the unexpected and varied opportunities that start appearing (resources such as your energy, an assistant and some dollars).

Book marketing that leverages business activities.

Next, it’s essential that all aspects of your book and its roll-out and marketing plan be shaped to create as well as leverage the specific potential opportunities you have as a result of your business. In addition, your business activities need to be modified in order to maximize your book’s results. This is infinitely more complicated than the issues a typical author has to consider. This is also where 2 plus 2 most definitely equals more than 4, so it’s vital to boost your momentum by making your book and your business’ strategies and tactics work together.

A publishing expert who knows your issues, opportunities and work style.

Last, you are no doubt accustomed to hiring experts who know the demands of your world as well as the path ahead, delegating to them, being decisive, taking risks, trying bold new ideas, making needed mid-course corrections, working with deadlines and managing for results. (Non-executive authors rarely operate this way.) So it’s crucial that your publishing expert/project manager not only understands the inherent complexity and high stakes of an executive author’s endeavor, but also lives and breathes your work style and has been a successful executive author themself, if you want the most from your book project.