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You’ve no doubt figured out by now that I use this blog to introduce you to some of the smartest people in our industry. Susan Kendrick is one of those, and I especially like this October 17, 2007 post about the text for your back cover. I hope it helps you next time you’re writing copy for your back cover.

Positioning is Everything: 7 Questions to Help Sell Your Book

Your First and Best Marketing Tool
Your book’s back cover copy is your first and best marketing tool. It is the elevator speech for your entire book and the foundation of all your book marketing efforts. This is where you will “position” your book to sell.

What is Positioning?
Think of “positioning” as where your book stands in relation to three things: your readers, your market, and your competition. Then, take a more active role. Use this information to decide what you will say about your book to “position” it in the best possible light. Your back cover does not have a lot of room, so get to the point and be clear, concise, and compelling.

7 Questions to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!
1. How does your book address your readers’ wants, needs, hurts, hopes, or deepest desires?

2. What do your readers already know about your topic, and what do you bring them that’s new?

3. What differentiates you and your message from similar books already on the market—what’s unique about your ideas, perspective, approach, process, focus, experience, background, etc. In other words, why you and not someone else or some other book?

4. Are you a “first” or “only” in what you bring to this subject or some aspect of this subject?

5. Do you fill an important gap in the information available on this topic? What’s been missing that you address?

6. What else makes you stand out in a crowded market, or are you able to create a new niche and dominate it right from the start?

7. And, most importantly, what will your audience get from your book that they can’t get anywhere else?

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