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Have you seen the new survey report by Hinge Marketing: Visible Experts – How High Visibility Expertise Helps Professionals, Their Firms, and Their Clients? It’s definitely worth getting (it’s free) from the library of Hinge’s website. It details:

• Why over 1,000 clients surveyed prefer to hire visible experts, and the practical benefits that doing so brings to those buyers.

• How clients find these experts, and the marketing strategies that 130 experts in various fields use in order to get found.

• The value to your business’ growth of being a visible expert, and the five levels of expert fame.

• What the fast-track experts have in common (those who took 5 years vs the typical 20 to reach the top level of expert fame).


The two findings that most interested me were:

• Of two dozen marketing tools used by the experts, writing a book about their expertise was believed to have the greatest effect on their brand — greater even than making speeches, having a website or blog, writing articles or doing email marketing and SEO.

• Writing a book is one of the three things the fast-trackers had in common (along with focusing on a niche market and being an active educator via content marketing). Eighty-five percent of those surveyed had written a book about their business.

All of this reveals why Hinge is my go-to resource about growing a professional service practice. Their free reports, ebooks and webinars are amazing! Check them out.