Welcome aspiring nonfiction authors! Glad you made it here!

If you’re like most executives wanting to create a business-building book, your first big challenge is deciding what kind of book to write. More important, you need to decide what’s the right type for your goals (make no mistake, different goals mandate different types).

With our groundbreaking, award-winning, printable interactive PDF ebook Teach What You Know: 111 Types of How-To Books For Building Your Business & Brand (Including 32 That Require Less Writing), you’ll answer that question plus get your results-generating book started and on the path to changing your professional life forever.

How-to books always dominate the major nonfiction bestseller lists. Through this workbook, you’ll find the right how-to type to combine with your best-pick topic to make a big impact on your book’s target audiences. (Your book’s type is one of the most important decisions you’ll make because your type + topic combination is what generates your desired results.)

It also includes our 18-step Ultimate Book Start System for making your book’s strategic foundational decisions (these are your essential starting points whether you work with a publisher or self-publish). As a result of making these decisions,

  • You’ll have a book that’s uniquely structured to produce your SPECIFIC desired business results, with your dreamed-about outcomes solidly built into your book’s DNA (you may know that far too few business authors ever achieve their book-driven growth goals).
  • You’ll have organized and prioritized dozens of stray ideas rolling around in your head.
  • You’ll have clarity and focus about your book and its place in your future.
  • That clarity will fuel your mojo to get it finished and out into the world (something that only a fraction of aspiring authors ever make happen).

You’re going to LOVE this ebook!