Looking to create a book that will grow your business? And not only that, but be a game-changer? Here’s what you need to know.

Have you been thinking about creating a book that will boost your business, nonprofit, career or brand?

Are you ready to start one and wondering which initial decisions and tasks are essential — and in what order — to make it a success?

Do you have your book in hand but aren’t seeing the business growth results you hoped for?

Wherever you are on this spectrum, we can help.

For executives, entrepreneurs, experts and professionals seeking growth results from creating a book, our core offerings are “getting started” workbooks and specialized consulting programs that identify what to add or modify (and how) in your business so your book can work its magic. They set your book up to grow your business by (1) being based on the realities of business today and (2) designing both to work together — leveraging each other — to achieve your goals.

Our work is based on our uncommonly broad business background, a strategic results-driven approach, expertise about the realities and intricacies of spawning business growth IN YOUR INDUSTRY (all industries are not alike), extensive publishing experience and an appreciation for the many other projects that dominate your days. We

Organize and navigate the specialized and complex process of your book’s creation.

Focus all aspects of your book on your desired business outcomes and the audiences that influence them.

Enhance the quality of your decisions and choices.

Increase the efficiency of your book’s progress from concept to reality to measurable results.

Identify what to add and what to change (and how) in your business to maximize your book’s impact.

Celebrate with you as the results we’ve together built your book and business to produce start happening!

Why it’s important.

Consider these two fundamental truths that today’s business-building authors face:

A book project is a newly complicated mix of long-established standards, procedures and processes. They are rapidly being modified by evolving technologies, economics, reader preferences and author opportunities. We simplify and demystify its elements as we identify your best options. And build your momentum with meticulous attention to the details.

Creating a book is an investment that can just as easily be a net loss as a home run. Low returns or high, it’s your strategy and execution that make the difference (not the brilliance of your topic or ideas). Most nonfiction authors sell fewer than 1000 copies of each book they write. Think about that for a moment — only 1000 copies in their lifetime, even with a traditional publisher! But with a business of high-value (and high-ticket) opportunities to leverage, you can achieve a significant ROI if you’re smart about making your book your leading marketing tool. We help you do that by shaping and aligning every strategic aspect of your book and business so they’ll create a powerful synergy and noteworthy return. Best of all, when done right, your book can not only build your current business and brand. It can also be a launchpad for new products, programs, services and revenue streams — many of which can grow your business and generate passive income for years.

How we’re different.

Your book and the advantages it can create belong in the hands of a specialist who understands you, your business and industry as well as how to plan strategically, the art and science of marketing, what’s required to accomplish your growth goals and the ins and outs of book publishing.

Most other publishing consultants and business book coaches are fabulous experts about book publishing, creating books that are well-positioned to achieve bookstore shelf space, bestseller status, top-tier book reviews and media interviews for authors whose only way to profit is through selling books. But they lack broad industry-specific business skills and experience needed to help executives generate a wide variety of 6- and 7-figure growth results through their book.

In contrast, Executive Authors’ founder and chief consultant Carol Abrahamson has been a successful high-profile corporate and startup executive and is a seasoned authority about marketing and growth strategies as well as a leading business book expert.

Her work with authors like you reflects her

Broad business knowledge, strategic planning and marketing success across numerous industries. Fueled by an early Wall Street investment banking career she spent 30 years advising hundreds of America’s most dynamic companies — including Apple, Hewlett-Packard, McKesson and Portland General Electric. She got their organizations and top executives noticed, appreciated, admired and in demand (exactly the things executive authors hope for from their book).

Detailed understanding of what triggers organizational growth. This results from her decades of corporate consulting and the many nonprofits she has founded and led. Her savvy about the time and activities various types of results require depending on the industry, the necessary investment and the often-convoluted path to some desired outcomes helps clients create informed and realistic goals for their book’s impact on their business.

Wide-ranging publishing expertise as an industry insider and successful executive author. The creator of over 25 books that have marketed her business since leaving McGraw-Hill’s staff, Carol’s first book brought her 1-person business more than $2 million in consulting revenues and 100 new clients. She excels at navigating both the publishing industry’s legacy protocols and the ever-changing rules, conventions and opportunities that define the industry today.

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