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Have you seen the survey report by Hinge Marketing about the importance of writing a business book: Visible Experts — How High Visibility Expertise Helps Professionals, Their Firms, and Their Clients? It’s definitely worth getting (it’s free) from the library of Hinge’s website.

It details

Why over 1,000 clients surveyed prefer to hire visible experts. And the practical benefits that doing so brings to those buyers.

How clients find these experts. Plus the marketing strategies that 130 experts in various fields use in order to get found.

The value to your business’ growth of being a visible expert.

What the fast-track experts have in common (those who took 5 years versus the typical 20 to reach the top level of expert fame).

Two findings most interested me

Of two dozen marketing tools used by the experts, writing a book about their expertise was believed to have the greatest effect on their brand. Greater even than making speeches, having a website or blog.

Writing a business book is one of the three things the fast-trackers had in common (along with focusing on a niche market and being an active educator via content marketing).

Eighty-five percent of those surveyed had written a book about their business.

More recently, Hinge released two updates that also cover the importance of creating a business book. (Both are free in their website’s library.):

 The Visible Expert — How To Create Industry Stars And Why Every Professional Services Firm Should Care.

 2020’s The Visible Expert Study confirms the same trends, but with added updates. It covers the many paths, types and benefits of being a VE. And what it takes to become one.

Now you know why Hinge is my go-to resource about growing a professional service practice and building a brand centered on expertise. Good stuff!

If you’re thinking about becoming a visible expert by writing a business-building book, check out our free workbook in the sidebar to the right (77 Book Types For Building Your Business & Brand), the related posts below, our other multi-award-winning groundbreaking workbooks and our Getting Started on Your Business-Building Book individual consulting program.

The importance of creating a business book for experts applies to both digital and printed books.

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