What kinds of books boost a business or build a brand?

The kinds of results a book can bring and the types of books executives create to achieve those goals are virtually limitless. These examples reflect only a few of the possibilities but should get you started thinking in concrete terms about your book.

Enhance your business.

 Establish your expertise and market appeal through a book about the hottest new trends in your field.

 Differentiate your company’s offerings through an insightful book about your revolutionary approach to clients’ issues that can benefit companies everywhere.

 Enter a new segment of the market through a book of thought-provoking stories to inspire your new target customers.

 Expand into a new market through a book of tips for success and mistakes to avoid.

 Open a new marketing channel through a book that demystifies something that’s starting to influence your industry.

 Broaden your international reach through a book of little-known but powerful solutions to problems that are cropping up in other countries.

• Attract worldwide recognition and new partners through a visionary book about an emerging issue that will likely have significant international impact in the next decade.

New relationships.

 Attract more prospects and clients through a book describing your results-driven approach and the client problems it has solved.

 Gain new investors, donors and fans through a compilation of stories and profiles about the people your organization serves.

 Build a strong community of repeat buyers through a small illustrated book about how your best-selling product line came to be and is produced.

New invitations.

 Attract top-tier radio and TV interviews through a book about avoiding common mistakes your target customers make.

Be offered impressive speaking and teaching opportunities through a book about exciting new products, applications and features in your industry.

Receive blue-ribbon industry committee and corporate board invitations through a business memoir about the toughest decisions of your career.

Change your life.

 Enhance your reputation through a 30-year history of your industry’s major products and players, interpreted through the concepts that have driven your business.

 Attract a buy-out or merger offer through a book about the shrewd, but ethical, reasoning and strategies that have led to your success.

 Pave the way for a career change through a book about concepts and management techniques you’ve used in your corporate life that will be the core of your new entrepreneurial venture.

 Start a part-time consulting practice through a book of surprising case studies about how nameplate companies have dealt with a vexing issue.

What about you?

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