If you’re like most executives, your biggest challenge in creating a business-building book is deciding what kind of book to write.

Especially if time is of the essence and you want to focus on info already in your head or your files — or something you’d like to learn.

Or you want to fast-track the process with a book that requires less original writing than most.

Our workbooks about book types help you do just that via our 18-step system for making the four essential foundational decisions about your book: defining your book-driven business growth goals, the audiences related to those goals plus the book topic and type those audiences will appreciate most — from you.

Two individual services augment your purchase of our workbook:

A 4-6 week strategic program, Getting Started on Your Business-Building Book, guides and advises you through all 18 steps in our book types workbooks — $2,500.
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Two hours of private time will answer questions as you use our book types workbook to make the four foundational strategic decisions about your book — $250.


We also offer two 4-6 week strategic programs to build your business into a powerhouse after your business-building book is underway (book a free 30-minute introductory session):

 Building Book-Business Synergy identifies how to modify your book AND business so they leverage each other and actively work TOGETHER to accomplish your growth goals — $2,500.

 Choosing Income Streams to Kick Your Business Into High Gear describes over 200 proven executive author income streams and gives you the info you need to choose, prioritize, sequence, budget and plan the ones you’ll adopt — $2,500.

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