Looking for a smart, strategy-driven process to give clients a rock-solid start on their business-building book?

Hearing prospects and clients worry that a business-building book may not produce the results they hope for?

Are too many clients giving up midstream and letting life’s demands interfere with the completion of their books?

We can help!



Our solution is the keystone of our family of five books that’s won four national book awards: Getting Started On Your Book: 666 Book Types For Building Your Business & Brand — The Ultimate System For Starting A Book That Will Create Big Business Results (With 222 Types That Require Less Writing).

This 377-page printable, interactive PDF workbook is the only publicly-available methodical, comprehensive System for starting a business-building book.

It covers our proprietary 18 steps (complete with worksheets) for making the four necessary foundational decisions for a results-generating book:

  • The author’s measurable strategic business goals and success measures for the book
  • The audiences related to those goals, often as gatekeepers to them
  • The topic the audiences will love
  • The right book type* for communicating the topic

* A book type is


Its reader benefits include:

They have momentum, clarity and focus (all of which boosts their mojo to finish their book and not let life interfere).

They make the right foundational strategic decisions for their particular goals.

Their book is structured and shaped to produce those specific goals (you probably know the right book to successfully kick off a speaking biz looks nothing like the right book for launching a consulting practice).

They have a solid working title/subtitle to build on via a publisher or their own book team.

They learn the 22 free/nearly-free ways to start generating their business goals before they even start writing.


In addition, our System addresses two common pain points:

  • It uniquely answers how/where to start a successful results-generating book, the first steps and what to decide/do in what order.
  • It maximizes a book’s ability to generate the desired growth results and have measurable impact on the business and avoids the fate of the many business books that never produce business results.


Most important is how it mandates basing all strategic decisions on the author’s desired biz growth goals. This puts author goals front-and-center versus making the audience or topic the central decision-driver, as is common in the industry. And that enhances these authors’ books being able to generate desired business results.