Everything we do to make your book a game-changer for your business and brand is driven by the growth results you seek.

Books & Resources for Creating a Life-Changing Business-Building Book

Our groundbreaking workbooks help you create an exceptional business book by guiding you through four essential foundational decisions: your book-related business growth goals, the audiences related to those goals plus the topic and type of book those audiences will appreciate learning specifically from you. Also check out our blog, comprehensive nonfiction book award submission calendar, webpages listing nonfiction resources, nonfiction podcasts and multiple income streams for authors.

Information-Packed Strategic Consulting to Make Your Business a Powerhouse

Ensure your success through any of our three 4-6 week individual programs: Getting Started on Your Book, Building Book-Business Synergy and Choosing Income Streams to Kick Your Business Into High Gear. Plus many of our book sales offer an optional 2 hours of one-on-one time to help you get the most value from our workbooks as you apply their insights to your book and business.

Accelerate Your Progress via Supportive Communities, Networks & Training

Whether you have a publisher or are self-publishing, make continuous progress on your book and your business growth by joining one of our communities. Your multi-industry, noncompetitive, book-writing Mastermind or Inner Circle colleagues will provide encouragement, inspiration, resources and solutions along with our team twice monthly. Plus you get access to the expertise of some of our favorite publishing gurus. You can additionally take a deeper dive at our long-weekend Think Tank Retreats.

Books to Build a Business, Nonprofit, Career or Brand

Whether you're just thinking about creating a book or already have one done, our work leads to remarkable results for your business.

As One of the Few Publishing Experts Equally Experienced with the Growth Dynamics of Dozens of Industries — We're Different!

Our specialty is books that build a business in momentous, far-reaching ways. We apply our thorough understanding of how businesses operate, issues surrounding growth, marketing dynamics and your high-stakes and complex options as we shape both your book and your business to work together as a powerful force for the outcomes you dream about:

  • You as a thought leader and go-to expert.
  • New communities of clients, prospects and fans.
  • Exciting new invitations and opportunities.
  • High-profile media coverage.
  • Honors and prestigious appointments.
  • You as a celebrity within your industry.

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