Want to stop missing out on the status, recognition, invitations, opportunities and business growth you see authors achieve?

Whether you work with a publisher or self-publish, our Ultimate Book Start System will help you identify the right book to create for your SPECIFIC growth goals. You'll then be primed to become an envied business author whose book produces the growth you seek because your desired business results are built into its DNA.

Here's how we'll help you create exceptional book and business success.

Courses & Workbooks for a Game-Changing Book and a Life-Changing Business

Make your book’s four foundational strategic decisions (desired results, audience, topic, type), and decide how you'll monetize both it and your expertise through courses and workbooks.

Specialized, High-Impact Resources to Supercharge Your Book & Business Success

Learn from listed publishing resources, and find experts to hire who will make you shine. Plus dive into blog posts about dozens of proven business-building book types and income streams.

Information-Packed Strategic Consulting to Make Your Business a Powerhouse

Get personalized support from hourly consulting or these established programs: Getting Started on Your Business-Building Book, Building Book-Business Synergy, Choosing Income Streams to Kick Your Business Into High Gear.

Accelerated Progress via Smart, Supportive Communities, Networks & Training

Turbocharge your progress toward the business of your dreams by joining masterclasses, retreats or communities where colleagues and guest experts provide encouragement, inspiration, resources and solutions.

The Right Book Can Build Your Business, Nonprofit, Career or Brand — Big-Time!

Our system for making a book’s desired business results determine its foundational decisions has turned industry norms upside down. It works because different business goals mandate different kinds of books.

Think about it. A book with the uplifting 20-minute core message required to launch a keynote speaking business looks nothing like the complex frameworks that bring droves of new clients to a consulting business.

And that’s just the beginning of the new thinking we bring to creating the right book and business for your goals.

Your unwavering focus on your desired results will lead to a book that builds your business and your profile in momentous, far-reaching ways:

  • You as a thought leader and go-to expert.
  • New communities of clients, prospects and fans.
  • Exciting new invitations and opportunities.
  • High-profile media coverage.
  • Honors and prestigious appointments.
  • You as a celebrity within your industry.

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