Everything we do to make your book a game-changer for your business and brand is driven by the results you seek.

Strategic Planning & Consulting

To make a book your ultimate marketing tool, you’ll face over 100 decisions and tasks. We strategically guide, advise about, shape and plan them all while describing the pros and cons of your best options. You also get a detailed plan of your choices and a comprehensive task timeline of who will do what, when and at what cost.

Building Your Very Best Team

With more than 1,000 new business books being published each month (plus all the ebook-only titles), an army of specialists accustomed to working with executives exists. We build the very best team of experts, service providers and vendors for all of the work you need done.

End-To-End Project Management

Using our broad and deep knowledge about business book problems, issues and solutions, we minimize your book’s disruption to your life by managing the team and keeping all aspects of your project — content creation, production, publishing, distribution, promotion and marketing — on schedule and within budget.

Books to Build a Business, Nonprofit, Brand or Career

Whether you're just thinking about creating a book or already have one done, our work leads to remarkable results for your business.

Book-Business Synergy

Our specialty is applying our thorough understanding of how businesses operate, issues surrounding growth, marketing dynamics and your high-stakes and complex options as we shape both your book and your business to work together as a powerful force for the results you seek:

  • You as a thought leader and go-to expert.
  • New communities of clients, prospects and fans.
  • Exciting new invitations and opportunities.
  • High-profile media coverage.
  • Honors and prestigious appointments.
  • You as a celebrity within your industry.

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