Announcing our 2024 cohorts starting in April!

Does this sound familiar?

Feeling lonely on your business-building-book journey?

Having trouble maintaining your mojo to keep making progress on — and finish — your book?

Confused about the many options to enhance your business to make the most of your book?

Looking for a program to keep you in an action mode while providing expert guidance and connections to other executives on a similar path?

We can help!

Many thousands of aspiring executive authors — though well-intentioned, with big dreams and solid information about the business and life transformation a book done right can bring — never finish their book, much less receive game-changing business results from it! Others never get around to making their business the perfect fertile ground for remarkable growth from their book and expertise.

Make sure you’re not one of them by joining one of our focused, action-oriented expert communities that’ll keep you on track to the finish line. Their structure, community communications platform and bi-weekly connections to like-minded, smart, enthusiastic, inspiring, high-achieving executives on a similar path will accelerate and ensure your success. You’ll get all your tasks done in a spirited community, AND you’ll have a personal advisory board and brain trust of members alongside you every step of the way. Could anything be better?

Our two groups’ personal mentoring, coaching and group training will encourage and boost your momentum, whether you have a publisher on your team or not.

Our Book Completion Mastermind ($4,000/yr) is for execs writing a high-quality, results-producing nonfiction book. We’ll cheer you on as you create — and finish — a dynamo of a business-building book through proven strategies, techniques and insights.

Plus you get one private 90-minute recorded video meeting with Carol Abrahamson every 6 months about our workbooks’ Spark Ultimate Book Start System of 18 steps; your four foundational strategic decisions, working title, free ways to promote your book and start generating your desired results before it’s even written, book proposal/agent pitches; building your book creation and marketing team and more.

Our Book-Driven Business Growth Inner Circle‘s ($12,000/yr) members are making their business the ideal place for their book to deliver dreamed-about results while taking their business to the next level and beyond (6 or 7 figures, anyone?). You’ll learn about enterprise enhancements and additions from our Spark Ultimate Business Growth System that will supercharge reaching game-changing goals and growth. Plus we’ll teach and inspire you as you create and implement an action plan for using additional income streams, artificial intelligence (AI) and more to build an exceptional business by monetizing your expertise.

Plus you get one private 90-minute recorded video meeting with Carol Abrahamson every 6 months about getting your book and business aligned, working together and leveraging each other; 21st century success strategies for growth; email, digital and content marketing; niche positioning, etc.

Both are comprised of business-building authors who — along with our team — discuss, brainstorm, problem solve, motivate, celebrate and sympathize via twice-monthly recorded video meetings and a private Slack channel about everyone’s progress, successes and challenges. The mindset throughout is abundance, accomplishment and accountability within the safety of a confidential environment. And you — and what you need to succeed — are your group’s priorities.

You’ll also learn from occasional trainings by some of the very best experts in the field. We’ll record each session as always, so you can listen if you miss it live. Or hear it again at your convenience.

How they work.

New members may join our high-powered Mastermind and Inner Circle twice yearly (the first non-US holiday Tuesdays of April & October). We invite you to submit an application at any time to join either group. It will help us get acquainted and reveal who in your group you’ll have the most in common with. We’ll then set up a private video call to learn more about you and answer your questions. If we agree to proceed,  you’ll be added to your chosen group’s waiting list for its next New Member Welcome.

Members pay an annual fee and may renew for an additional year at least 30 days in advance.

Prior to each member’s first meeting, they must agree in writing to our groups’ values and rules, including having respect for each other, being encouraging and supportive and maintaining confidentiality about everything discussed.

Note: These are NOT writing groups that will review and critique your chapters and paragraphs.

The format.

Two (2) monthly recorded 90-minute video mentoring and coaching meetings.

A private Slack channel for support and encouragement between group meetings.

You may submit a progress report, questions and requests for group help seven (7) days before any video meeting. (You can request help as often as you like.)

Our ETL(sm) Mastermind Pyramid reveals how they’ll invigorate your breakthroughs in so many ways through their collegial, confidential and consistent support of your goals and success:

Have fun

Be inspired

Get unstuck

Ask questions

Be challenged

Solve problems

Be accountable

Gain confidence

Be action oriented

Stop struggling alone

Collaborate and partner

Experience camaraderie

End feelings of confusion

Dream big in a safe space

Receive education and training

Discover new income opportunities

Learn from the experiences of others

Hear new ideas and how to do things

Brainstorm at both high and detailed levels

Create big-time growth to new levels of success

Review implementation plans, timing, pace, cost

Submit ideas to be discussed, critiqued, improved

Benefit from Interaction and in-person experiences

Build solid relationships based on shared experiences

Broaden your view of options, solutions or possibilities

Celebrate progress, victories, aha moments and successes

Speak about what’s going on with you and feel genuinely heard

Cut through all the noise and internal chatter and focus with clarity

Exchange strategies, tips, techniques, shortcuts, advice, proven ideas

Distinguish between bright shiny objects and well-thought-out options

Hear opinions and action plans about ideas you fear are “too far out there”

Share experiences, opinions and discoveries about resources and solutions

Crash through the isolation and loneliness of being at the top or on your own

Gain a sense of mastery (vs lurching from crisis to crisis or feeling overwhelmed)

Access multiple sounding boards with varied backgrounds, knowledge and points of view

Request/receive help, suggestions, feedback, support, in-depth coaching, encouragement

Next steps to join our 2024 cohort in April.

Fill in and submit a Mastermind or Inner Circle Application or contact us to schedule a Discovery Call.

Can’t wait to meet and start supporting your progress!