SkillBites Episode 4: Carol Abrahamson — Carol shares her expertise on numerous topics about leveraging a book to grow your business, nonprofit, career or brand. In a fast-paced hour, she covers 4 essential steps to take as you start your business-building book, many types of proven business books to consider and 50 free ways to leverage a book. She also offers her PDF ebook about 111 types of how-to business-building books to anyone who emails her at carol at

Annie Jennings PR EliteWire Experts: Carol Abrahamson — The Book Coach Every Author With A Business Needs — Carol describes the essential need to have a publishing advisor (like her) who is as knowledgeable about the dynamics and requirements of business and growth in your specific industry as they are about publishing on your business-building-book team, if you’re hoping for remarkable business results.

Nonfiction Authors Association — 21 Free (and Nearly Free) Things To Do to Pre-Publicize Your Business-Building Book Before It’s Even Written — a 30-minute teleseminar by Carol Abrahamson.

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