Here’s my high res headshot and bio.

Carol Abrahamson (A-bra-HAM-son) has been thinking about how experts and thought leaders can monetize their expertise since her first book brought her one-person business over $2 million in consulting revenues, industry-leader status, and over 100 of the country’s largest corporations as clients.

But it wasn’t just her book that made those clients seek her out. It was the 18 UNcommon income streams and reputation enhancers (some admittedly sparked by her book) that she used to repeatedly — and unexpectedly — be where she got noticed by them. She used all 18 — big-time! — to capitalize on the ad industry’s mantra that a brand needs to be noticed seven times before prospects become buyers. And as she’s gone on to create additional businesses, she’s used another dozen to continuously get noticed, be admired and in-demand.

Now the author of 41 more books about her expertise and builder of a database of over 280 such streams and enhancers, she guides clients in choosing and creating the right book and/or the right streams and enhancers for their SPECIFIC growth goals. This enables them to build thriving businesses that often change everything, broaden their reach and increase their impact.

Most recently, she self-published a multi-award-winning family of five workbooks to help aspiring executive authors to not only answer the question on every aspiring author’s mind — “What kind of book shall I write?” — but more important, “What’s the RIGHT kind of book to write that will actually generate my desired business results?”

Her company, Executive Authors, helps them answer that through her workbooks, an online course (Create the Right Book to Generate Your Desired Business Results) and a consulting program (Getting Started On Your Business-Building Book).

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Fun Fact: Steve Jobs and Apple became her first consulting client before her business even had a name. All because someone she knew in a previous corporate job had since joined Apple’s management team. That experience made her an inveterate networker who keeps in touch with hundreds of former colleagues — to enable the same kind of game-changing lucky breaks happening for everyone she knows!