Announcing Q4 2024 online courses for making decisions and taking action to create truly remarkable book and business success!

Executive Author Success: Decide the Right Book for Your Business Growth Goals (includes our award-winning interactive PDF workbook, 77 Book Types For Building Your Business & Brand)

You’ll answer the two essential questions for business-building authors: “What kind of book should I write?” and “What kind will lead to my growth goals?”

You’ll have a book that generates your desired business results because those results determine its foundational decisions.

Your book’s growth goals will be built into your book’s DNA.

You’ll identify your book’s sought-after results and success measures, the right audience, right topic, right book type and your book’s working title and subtitle.

You’ll have clarity, focus, vision and momentum about your book.

You’ll be confident, optimistic and excited about your book’s potential to deliver the growth results you seek.

Bonus #1 Content: You’ll learn almost two dozen ways to start generating your book’s desired growth results before you even start writing!

Bonus #2 Content: You’ll have your next steps defined for starting work with your chosen book creation team.

This one-of-a-kind course will give you the best foundation for a book to grow your business whether you plan to work with a publisher or self-publish.

Book Award Mastery: Apply for the Right Awards to Get the Recognition You Deserve (includes our interactive PDF workbook)

Increase your status and recognition via winning a book award! Best of all, after you’ve won one, you can forever call yourself and your book award-winning. There are over 8,000 book awards given annually by over 120 organizations. They have widely varied eligibility requirements about book format, topic, publication date, etc. This course will guide you in reviewing the requirements related to over 2,000 awards and choosing one (or more!) to submit your book to. You’ll also create an action plan of next steps to make those choices happen. Once you’ve experienced our system, you can use it to choose future awards to submit to.

Experts Get Noticed! Choose & Create The Right Unusual $100K Income Streams For Your Dream Business (includes our interactive PDF workbook, Jack-Pot! 111 Income Streams For Building The Thriving Business Of Your Dreams By Monetizing Your Expertise)

If you’re an expert or thought leader, hundreds of income streams exist that can monetize your expertise!

We’re not talking about the 5 or 6 everyone mentions that add to the noise level and fade into a blur of sameness. Our focus is on the less common ones that cut through that noise and get you noticed. We call them the UNcommon income streams.

You’ll also learn about dozens of reputation enhancers that will recognize, endorse and elevate you above your peers.

This course will introduce you to 50 of these uncommon streams and reputation enhancers that can make a big difference to your profile and your business. (I’ve used 40 in three of my businesses, and over a dozen helped my first book bring my one-person business over $2 million in consulting revenues!)

Because they have varied forms and formats, they’ll set you apart (big-time!), broaden your reach to new audiences, increase your impact on the world and get you noticed, admired and in-demand — as they build your business. What could be better?

You’ll learn our methodical system for reviewing, considering, evaluating, choosing, researching, planning, sequencing, funding, staffing and preparing for the launch of the ones you choose to monetize your expertise long-term.

You’ll also choose a short list for building your business this year.

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We can’t wait to watch you reach new levels of success!