Carol is an amazing advisor for authors. Especially authors focused on improving their business through their book. She provides open and honest feedback, which is so crucial in the formative days of your thoughts and ideas. Carol comes across as someone who cares about your book and business success as she makes your book fuel big new business marketing momentum — which is important expertise that distinguishes her from other publishing advisors. I strongly recommend Carol as your business-building book strategist, expert and mentor, especially if you are serious about a book for your business. ~ Justhy Deva Prasad


After hiring Carol, I quickly realized I had chosen the right person for the job. Her accessibility, flexibility and thoroughness made it obvious I was working with someone who was truly invested in my work. Clearly, mine wasn’t just another project to complete in order to generate an invoice. On the contrary, Carol very genuinely listened to my ideas and hesitations throughout our entire working relationship. Her collaborative approach and her professionalism were commendable and reassuring. I was very pleased with her competence and assistance. I recommend Carol without reservation. ~ Joseph T. Wengler


I had been making excuses for years about why my book wasn’t done. Finally I invested in Carol’s services, and she was able to get me moving immediately with strategic decisions that really mattered and got me micro-focused. Within a year my book was in the hands of my readers, and I was on my way to a new career! My only regret was waiting so long. Don’t wait, get started with Carol because she knows her stuff! ~ Laurie Guest


Carol is incredible! She’s a powerhouse, and the way she thinks and talks things through is at another level. I leave feeling empowered but also with actions in mind. And clarity. I genuinely feel grateful to know her. If you have the opportunity to work with her, do. ~ Hena Husain


It was such a pleasure working with Carol. I learned so much from working with her! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is as picky about their work as I am. ~ Debra Strobel


Carol was not only meticulous and timely in the work she delivered, she was very flexible, and her work was well-done. ~ Lina (Rombalsky) Eskew


Carol’s thoroughness and attention to detail was extraordinary. Additionally, I very much appreciated her comments and rationale for the ideas she suggested. I highly recommend her. ~ Donna Schoenfeld



Working with Carol was a joy. She is knowledgeable and highly detailed. Her suggestions greatly improved my work, and I highly recommend her. ~ Kim Freitag


I am so lucky I found you to help me with all this! ~ Julie Unite



I was so impressed with Carol’s professionalism and attention to detail. She did an amazing job, and I feel really blessed to have found her. I wholeheartedly recommend her; Carol really knows her stuff and does a top-notch job. ~ Sharon Wade