Looking for a guide for your author journey? There are several types available, and many are authors themselves or former employees of major publishing houses.

Book coaches are often experts who help throughout the entire book creation process. And some specialize. Book writing coaches help you stay on track with your writing progress, book marketing coaches ensure your book sells. And many types of book consultants will help you with a focused part of your book project such as writing a book proposal to attract an agent and traditional publisher, building your base of potential buyers long before your book is finished, attracting PR coverage, etc.

Plus some offer online courses about their system or about skills many authors want to learn, or they facilitate mastermind groups of authors writing their book. There are also some unique service offerings among this group, so do your research carefully.

And if you decide to depart from this, or any similarly vetted, list read this post from Writer’s Digest about how to protect yourself from writing coach scams.

Abigail Raeke

Alexa Whitten

Alison Jones

Allison Fallon

Amy Goldmacher

Amy Isaman

Amy L. Bernstein

Andrea Susan Glass

Anita R. Henderson

Anne Janzer

Ashley-Ann Pereira and Tina Addorisio

Barbara Boyd

Beth Brand

Bev Ryan

Brooke Warner

Candace Coakley

Cara Finnegan

Carla Dupont

Carmen Renee Berry

Carol Crawford

Caroline Topperman

Caroline Malloy

Cathy Fyock

Chad R. Allen

Christine Kloser

Christine Sheehy

Dan Janal

Daniel J. Tortora

Dawn Josephson

Debbie Weil

Deborah A. Lott

Diana M. Needham

Dianna Booher

Dianna Sinovic

Dinah Laprarie

Eric Maisel

Erin R. Lund

Jaime Fleres

Jamie Morris

Jane Tabachnick

Janet S. Fox

Jen Braaksma

Jen Louden

Jessica J. Hill

Jill Angel

Joanna Cooke

Joanne Haines

Joshua Sprague

Judith Briles

Julie Artz

Kadesha Powell

Kamsin Kaneko

Karen Roy

Kasey Mathews

Kate Zentall

Kathleen Furin

Kathy Sparrow

Katya Fishman

Kim Hruba

Laraine Herring

Leah Kent

Leanne Phillips

Lindsay Whiting

Lisa Tener

Lori Yares

Marni Seneker

Martha E. Lang

Mary Bernstein

Maurene Hinds

Megan Close Zavala

Michele Matrisciani

Michele Orwin

Michelle Cox

Mike Larsen

Mindy Gibbons-Klein

Monica Faulkner

Nancy Erickson

Naomi Kim Eagleson

Nathan Rose

Nicole Pope

Nomi Isak

Porsché Mysticque Steele

Rachel Means

Randy Peyser

Robin Colucci

Rochelle Melande

Ruth Bullivant

Sally-Shakti Willow

Sara Connell

Sara Gentry

Sharon Skinner

Simon Golden

Stacy Ennis

Stephanie Feger

Stephen Woodfin

Stuart Wakefield

Supriya Jain

Susan Crossman

Susanne Dunlap

Suzanne Sherman

Suzette Mullen

Suzy Vadori

Best of luck on your search, and let us know of others we should include.