Having trouble getting into our workbooks to get your book started?

Or are you stumped about what to change and add to your business so your book can deliver a big return on your investment?

We offer individual help on both fronts.

Writing a book is a BIG deal — and something thousands of executives dream about. But many of them get stuck in two important areas of creating a successful business-building book. Whether you plan to use a publisher or self-publish with a hand-picked team, there are some things only you can do. And they are absolutely essential to your book’s ability to deliver the results you seek.

One is to make the strategic decisions about what kind of book will lead to your desired outcomes. And one is to know what — and how — to change and add to your business so your book will be the kind of success you dream about. These topics are our specialties.

Two individual services help you benefit most from our workbooks about starting your book:

 Two hours of private time will answer questions as you use any of our book types workbooks to make the four foundational strategic decisions about your book — $250. Learn more.

• A 4-6 week strategic program, Getting Started on Your Business-Building Book, individually guides and advises you through the 18 steps required to make your book’s core strategic decisions via the ultimate system in our book types workbooks: defining your book-driven business growth goals, the audiences related to those goals plus the book topic and type those audiences will appreciate most from you! — $2,500 (in 1 or 2 payments). Learn more.

Types of books can be success generators

Two 4-6 week strategic programs build your business into a powerhouse after your book is underway:

 Building Book-Business Synergy identifies how to modify your book AND business so they leverage each other and actively work TOGETHER to accomplish your growth goals — $2,500 (in 1 or 2 payments). Learn more.

 Choosing Income Streams to Kick Your Business Into High Gear describes over 200 proven executive author income streams and gives you the info you need to choose, prioritize, sequence, budget and plan the ones you’ll adopt to make the most of your book and the transformation it causes to your business — $2,500 (in 1 or 2 payments). Learn more.

(Contact us to discuss how these programs can meet your needs.)

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