A different kind of publishing expert with the right background to make your book build your business into a powerhouse.

I’ve loved helping thousands of top executives since 1976 rise above the competition and get their know-how, talent and organization noticed!

Founded by executive author expert, strategist, mentor, coach and multi-award-winning author Carol Abrahamson, Executive Authors brings extensive knowledge about business and growth, a results-driven strategic approach and broad industry experience to making business-building books successful.

Carol’s New York University MBA, notable Wall Street and corporate careers plus 30 years consulting to company leaders in numerous industries — as well as success in authoring over 25 books to grow her businesses — has enabled her to develop and now offer a much-needed expertise to executives seeking important business outcomes from their book.

After years of informally helping business authors achieve the kind of business growth her books had produced, Carol started the company in response to a trend she repeatedly noticed among executives who had already finished their book: Young and old alike, they all complained about the meager results their book had generated. Drawing on her experience as a savvy business leader and author, she knew she could reverse that trend.

After hearing their stories, I concluded the issue was not the quality of their ideas or a lack of energy and will on their part. Instead the problem stemmed from their nonexistent, inadequate, wrongly focused or poorly informed strategic decisions. For example, many had made their topic and format decisions before identifying the results they sought. And by and large, most had not made the key decisions about their book reflect the needs and interests of the specific target audiences who were related to those desired outcomes.

I also saw that the authors’ books and businesses were not designed to work together toward the same end. Not only were they typically not aligned, they were often at odds — and therefore there was no synergy or 2-way leverage working to achieve the identified goals. It’s no wonder the executives had so little in the way of results. It was obvious that few, if any, publishing professionals had the wide-ranging business experience needed to fix this problem.

During three previous decades of advising and coaching C-level executives about marketing, branding and growth issues at companies such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard, McKesson and Portland General Electric, I’d created strategic plans that differentiated and got hundreds of major companies in dozens of industries noticed, admired and in demand by target audiences which, of course, are the hoped-for results of most executive authors. I also became expert about the variety of what it takes in different industries to make a business grow and how to shape both a book and a business to work together toward dozens of the most common goals.

I started Executive Authors in order to use all of these skills to help executives everywhere create books that would generate the business results they dreamed about.

Carol has been a publishing industry insider since her middle management years at McGraw-Hill in the 1970s. A decade after she left, she wrote a book that resulted in over $2 million in consulting revenues and 100 new big-company clients for her emerging one-person business. That taught her the remarkable impact a book can have on a business — if done right — a full 20 years before it became well-known in marketing circles.

She later signed with a literary agent to explore traditional publishing options for her subsequent series of books, and she has now written and self-published 25+ books that have promoted her expertise in three industries (some sold in five countries), with more — these for aspiring executive authors — coming in the next year.

Along the way, I’ve identified dozens of top strategies and tactics for making a book grow a business. I have seen and solved almost every type of business-building-book problem. And I’ve found the very best specialists to help executive authors bring their book — and the results they seek — to life.

If you’re looking to build a 6- or 7-figure business, let’s talk about how we can help make creating a book one of the best things you’ll ever do.