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Whether you plan to use a publisher or self-publish, the starting point essential to the book-driven business transformation you seek is to make the four foundational strategic decisions about your book:

  • The business and growth results you seek through it.
  • The audiences related to those results.
  • A topic that will WOW those audiences or solve their pressing problem.
  • The book type that best communicates your topic.

Only you can make these decisions (no, they can’t be delegated). And our Spark Ultimate Book Start System is your definitive and comprehensive guide. But if you’re worried about whether our System applies to your situation and needs or are having trouble getting started or completing our 18 steps, let us help via a telephone or video call.

In one hour of private time, we’ll answer your questions and address your concerns about how our book type workbooks‘ System will build a foundation for big success through your book.

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