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Whether you plan to use a publisher or self-publish, there are some things you have to do, and only you can do them. They’re absolutely essential to your book’s ability to deliver the results you seek. We’re talking about making the four foundational strategic decisions about your book:

  • The business and growth results you seek through it.
  • The audiences related to those results.
  • A topic that will WOW those audiences or solve their pressing problem.
  • The book type* that best communicates your topic.

Our workbooks are your definitive and comprehensive guide to help you make these important decisions. And if you want some personal help as you work through their Ultimate System’s 18 steps, this 4-6 week program is for you!

We’ll guide you through these steps in our workbooks:

Identify the realistic, strategic, measurable and prioritized business results you want from your book & your success measures.

1 — Envision the future.

2 — Define desired results.

3 — Make results measurable.

4 — Determine realistic timeframes.

5 — Identify success measures.

6 — Prioritize results.

Prioritize and profile the target audiences related to your desired results.

7 — Identify target audiences.

8 — Prioritize targets.

9 — Profile audiences.

Choose topics your top target audiences will appreciate learning — from you!!

10 — Identify possible topics.

11 — Choose topics for top targets.

12 — Research competing books.

13 — Refine potential topic lists.

Decide the best topic-type combination to generate your goals.

14 — Review potential book types*.

15 — Choose high-potential book types.

16 — Create possible topic-type combinations.

17 — Develop a short list of highest-potential combinations.

18 — Choose your book’s topic-type combination.

Brief descriptions of the 18 are in our workbooks about book types, including in the free 77 Book Types PDF offered in the sidebar to the right. And more-detailed descriptions plus worksheets are in the accompanying free bonus PDF, The Big 4.

This Getting Started on Your Business-Building Book consulting program individually guides and advises you through these steps. We start at Step 1 and go through each step together as you fill in The Big 4‘s printable interactive PDF worksheets. We answer your questions, weigh alternatives, offer advice and address your worries or concerns along the way.

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* A type provides the structural framework, point of view and voice of a book. Think training manual vs. contrarian point of view, description of new trends or cautionary case studies.