Convinced that monetizing your expertise might be the smart thing to do but not sure where to start?

Hearing about the value of multiple income streams and wondering if they could actually help you profit from what you know?

Wanting to find a reliable list of reasonable income stream choices?

Not sure how to decide which are the right ones for you and your business or brand?

Wondering how to find buyers for whichever ones you decide to create?

THAT’S what we’re here to show you!

This 4-6 week consulting program describes over 100 proven expertise-based income streams. Part of our Ultimate Business Growth System, we also help you choose and prioritize a few to build your first — or add to your current — business. These choices will transform your life!

Based on how you currently express your expertise as well as your future business and growth goals, we

  • Determine the potential growth factors of your current business strategies, tactics, operations and condition
  • Show you over 100 potential income streams that could shore up a weakness or bring new business growth
  • Describe how they work, what they require, their cost and pros/cons in enough detail for you to choose a short list of them to build into an action plan and budget
  • Work with you to prioritize, sequence, budget and plan the ones you’ll decide to adopt in the near term
  • Brainstorm alternatives and work-arounds
  • Delineate detailed processes
  • Recommend needed services, helpers, tools and systems plus realistic timelines
  • Answer your questions
  • Offer advice
  • Address your worries or concerns
  • Co-create and document your Multiple Income Stream Blueprint of the future you envision plus a Roadmap and Action Plan of steps to get there

Typically, it takes 4-6 weekly 1-hour video calls, augmented by emails, to complete all this. And we record the calls so you can listen again at your convenience.

Contact us to get your questions answered in a Discovery Call.

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Can’t wait to see which ones you choose!