Please be sure you can commit to each of these points. You’ll be asked to agree to them by signing a statement before you’re welcomed into your group. (Violators will be asked to leave the group and given a prorated refund.)

Commit to attending every bi-weekly session unless an emergency intervenes.

Plan to arrive on time. The virtual Zoom doors will close 10 minutes after each group meeting begins.

Be fully present at each meeting (no multi-tasking).

Treat everything discussed as confidential.

Respect each other and your differences.

Be supportive and optimistic, positive and encouraging when that’s your authentic feeling.

Look to grow and help others do the same.

Have a mindset of abundance, accountability, achievement, engagement, generosity.

Give as well as take.

Be kind and respectful if you disagree, not confrontational. The opportunity here is to provide helpful feedback and ideas, including alternative points of view.

Be collaborative with a win-win attitude.

Be open-minded when receiving help from others, especially new ideas you’ve never considered.

Share the “microphone” and don’t dominate group meetings so all who wish to speak can do so.

Avoid selling of any kind, though feel free to mention your book and your business to provide context for your comments.

Remember our sessions are recorded, so don’t say anything you don’t want to live on tape after the meeting ends.

Let us know specifically how we can help you as the year unfolds. Make the group your best-ever source of ideas and support.

Share any group dynamics issues with Carol privately.

Have fun! Make important connections and alliances. And start conversations you can continue for years to come!

Remember, this is not a place where your book content will be reviewed or critiqued.