Teach What You Know: 111 Types Of How-To Books For Building Your Business & Brand

Including 32 That Require Less Writing


As an executive, you have an amazing opportunity in this age of revolutionary change in the book publishing industry. Having a book of your own makes you the go-to authority in your field, differentiates you from your competition and opens doors to visibility and wealth in ways you probably never dreamed of. It will change your professional life forever.

But what kind of book will most efficiently and effectively make that happen for you? Through our groundbreaking system, you’ll consider dozens of how-to book types that can boost your career and your business.

This workbook not only reveals the how-to options from our master collection of business-building book types, but through its unique system you will identify
The book-driven business results you hope for.
Your target audiences.
The topics that will lead to your desired results.
The type of book that best communicates those topics.

If you’re having trouble getting started on a book to take your business to the next level and beyond, this workbook will get you focused and organized by guiding you through these essential strategic decisions.

No one else has ever published this information.

This PDF can be used interactively online or be printed. It has dozens of interactive notes fields for indicating the book types you like best and recording your ideas by typing into them, saving your input and returning to your favorites or adding more ideas later (saving your typed information requires use of Adobe Reader 8 or later versions that are available for free from adobe.com). If you instead prefer to write on printed pages, you can clip or bind them together and retain only those with your top picks.

It also includes

Two real-world examples of each type that illustrate the type’s potential and will also jumpstart your thinking about your eventual title.

Our free downloadable printable interactive PDF of worksheets for making your book’s key strategic decisions, The Big 4: The Essential Strategic Decisions For Making Your Book Build Your Business & Brand.

An option to buy two hours of consulting time to ensure you get the most value from applying its information to your situation and needs.

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Buy the printable interactive PDF and 2 hours of consulting time for $269.00

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Back cover:

Build Your Business Into a Powerhouse Through Your Book

Are you one of the thousands of executives, experts, business owners and professionals excited about the huge impact a book can have on your business and your brand? . . . Interest in the hottest marketing trend of the decade — creating a business-building book — has exploded thanks to the popularity of ebooks and the ease of publishing via print on demand (POD).

  • Wondering which audiences to write your book for?
  • Unsure what topic will generate the game-changing results you seek?
  • Don’t know where to start and then what to do in what order?

This groundbreaking workbook is your answer! It will help you make one of the most important decisions you have ahead: which type of book to write. It not only reveals 111 types of how-to books that have been proven over decades, but it also identifies 32 that often require less original writing than the typical business-building book. Best of all, it shows you how to know which ones have the best potential FOR YOU!

It also includes a free bonus ebook of the 100+ decisions, choices and tasks you face in producing a high-quality book that will bring the business growth results you hope for.

Unpadded, pithy and absolutely on point, this workbook saves you hundreds of hours searching for inspiration while it helps you to easily and methodically decide where to focus your book creation effort. Never before revealed beyond Carol Abrahamson’s high-paying clients, this system of making your book’s essential foundational decisions will get you off the daydreaming dime and moving forward.

As one of the many executives rushing to make a differentiating book that will catapult you and your business above the competition and to the next level, THIS is the book that will help you get focused, organized and started creating a business-building book that will bring astounding new relationships, invitations and opportunities!

About Carol Abrahamson

An executive author whose first book opened doors that brought her one-person business over $2 million in consulting revenues, Carol wrote 15 more about her expertise and became America’s foremost expert about the unique, complex, high-stakes options and opportunities of executives seeking notable business results from their book. A growth and communications advisor for three decades to CEOs/CFOs at Apple, Hewlett-Packard, McGraw-Hill, McKesson, Portland General plus 1,000 others from companies large and small, she is the premier strategic advisor to executives wanting their book to actively work in tandem with their business to make amazing things happen!

Buy this printable interactive PDF for $19.00

Buy the printable interactive PDF and 2 hours of consulting time for $269.00

A printed paperback version with a bonus of the printable interactive PDF is available at Amazon.com.


Contents of 111 How-To Book Types:

About Carol

Getting Started

How To Get The Most From This Workbook

Your Preliminary Foundational Decisions

Identify the Realistic, Strategic, Measurable and Prioritized Business Results You Want From Your Book & Your Success Measures

Prioritize and Profile the Target Audiences Related To Your Desired Results

Choose Topics Your Top Target Audiences Will Appreciate Learning — From You!!

The How-To Types

Putting It All Together

What’s Next


32 Types That Often Require Less Writing Than the Typical Business-Building Book

Examples’ Titles

Examples’ Authors

How We Can Help

The Best Information Ever About Starting Your Book


Buy this printable interactive PDF for $19.00

Buy the printable interactive PDF and 2 hours of consulting time for $269.00

A printed paperback version with a bonus of the printable interactive PDF is available at Amazon.com.


Praise For Our Books About Book Types:

“Carol’s system for making the right strategic decisions is a must read if you want to create a quality book that will bring you business results worth millions.”

Rick Frishman, Co-Author of the Author 101 book series, RickFrishman.com

“If you’re looking for information about how to create a book, then this is your idea guide! The excellent examples shown here are sure to help any business author shake some ideas loose and find a concept that works. Well done!”

Stephanie Chandler, Founder of the Nonfiction Authors Association, Founder of the annual Nonfiction Writers Conference and Author of Own Your Niche: Hype-Free Internet Marketing Tactics to Establish Authority in Your Field and Promote Your Service-Based Business, StephanieChandler.com

“A book about starting a book. . . .This is a goldmine for experts and entrepreneurs who want to become authors!”

Liz Goodgold, Media & Branding Expert, Author and Coach, RedFireBranding.com

“If you’ve been on the sidelines thinking about writing a book but not sure where to start, this book is for you! Its proven process for making the essential strategic decisions will move you forward quickly into being ready to start writing and get yourself out there!”

Stephanie Frank, Two-Time Best-Selling Author, StephanieFrank.com

“This workbook about book types will expand your thinking and help you create not only one, but several winning book ideas. The best part about this book is that it gives you a broad spectrum of books to review, both traditionally and independently published. This quick read is highly recommended for any nonfiction author who needs inspiration.”

Lynne Klippel, Best-Selling Author of Overcomers, Inc., BusinessBuildingBooks.com

“Carol Abrahamson has taken the ‘delay of indecisiveness’ out of writing your business book. Get off your butt, pick one of her book types and get published. There’s no better marketing brochure than a book with your name on it.”

John M. Fox, President, Venture Marketing and Author of Marketing Playbook: The Marketing Director’s Definitive Guide, VentureMarketing.com

Buy this printable interactive PDF for $19.00

Buy the printable interactive PDF and 2 hours of consulting time for $269.00

A printed paperback version with a bonus of the printable interactive PDF is available at Amazon.com.