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Our Spark Ultimate Book Start System of 18 “getting started” steps helps you write a business book that’s structured to deliver your specific desired growth results. It helps new generations of executives increase their clarity and focus as they start their book. And it reverses the all-too-common experience of so many business authors who complain about getting only meager growth results — if any at all — from their book.

Through these steps, you will make your book’s four essential strategic foundational decisions. No matter what you want to accomplish with your book (these dozens of varied goals may inspire you to expand your list), its business-building success will depend on many factors. Chief among them is the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of the foundational decisions you make about it. Get these wrong, and there’s almost no way it will generate the results you hope for.

At the end of the 18 steps, you will have made your book’s most important strategic decisions and be primed to create a game-changing business-building book. 

Identify the realistic, strategic, measurable and prioritized business results you want from your book & your success measures.

1 — Envision the future.

2 — Define desired results.

3 — Make results measurable.

4 — Determine realistic timeframes.

5 — Identify success measures.

6 — Prioritize results.

Prioritize and profile the target audiences related to your desired results.

7 — Identify target audiences.

8 — Prioritize targets.

9 — Profile audiences.

Choose topics your top target audiences will appreciate learning — from you!!

10 — Identify possible topics.

11 — Choose topics for top targets.

12 — Research competing books.

13 — Refine potential topic lists.

Decide the best topic-type combination to generate your goals.

14 — Review potential book types.

15 — Choose high-potential book types.

16 — Create possible topic-type combinations.

17 — Develop a short list of highest-potential combinations.

18 — Choose your book’s topic-type combination.

Complete these steps with care, and you’ll be ready to start to write a business-building book that can change your professional life forever. See highlights about each in the related posts below. And find more info plus a link to free printable interactive PDF worksheets in our free workbook, 77 Book Types For Building Your Business & Brand, in the sidebar to the right.

How else can we help you write your book?

Our multi-award-winning, groundbreaking workbooks showcase hundreds of book types for you to review, be inspired by and choose from.

And our Getting Started on Your Business-Building Book consulting program provides individual help making your four strategic decisions.

Write a business book that readers will want in their printed or digital library.