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Want to create digital and printed publication income streams from your expertise and book? As an expert and business-building author, you’re a natural for developing these. They’ll increase sales of your book by adding to its usefulness and value plus by helping more people learn about its existence. In addition, these are enhancements to your book that extend your content and enable you to reveal more facets of your expertise, which can also broaden your audience for your book as well as your services — big-time!

Best of all, you can sell these directly, use as marketing materials for your high-ticket services, make them the basis of a new service you create and/or repurpose them into other products. Take a look at this sample from our compilation of the possibilities:

Action planner notebook



Blog posts

Booklet or mini-book

Books for specialized or vertical markets

Books with updated content (annual, bi-annual, etc.)

Calendar with a tip for each month or day


Diagnostic quiz

Email series of daily tips or reflections



Follow-up book with expanded information

Progress journal

Related-topic books (a family or series)

Team leader guide


Training manual




I’ll stop here (but we have 40 more our clients choose from). The beauty of these is all can be translated into multiple languages to expand your reach to international markets with a minimum of expense. And they each provide you with an asset you can bundle with your book or your services or each other, repurpose in various ways (such as combining with content from industry collaborators) or license to others worldwide for as long as your content is current. What could possibly be better than that?

After considering these publication income streams from your business- and brand-building book, Wait! . . . There’s more! . . . Time to expand to income streams that extend or repurpose your content, leverage your book’s and expertise’s brand or build your author brand as an expert. (Or better yet, as a thought leader.) Plus active, passive and recurring streams. And ones based on some of today’s newest ideas, techniques and technologies (anyone interested in using machine learning or AI to create some unique, client-transforming streams?).

Check out the related posts below and our individual consulting program, Choosing Income Streams to Kick Your Business Into High Gear, with its overview of 100 possibilities.

Note we’ll soon be launching a PDF and printed planner/journal workbook about income streams as part of our new family of two dozen ultimate planner/journals.

It will accompany our course covering our compilation of 280+ streams. And be where you track your research, choices, budgeting, staffing, planning and decisions about next steps for dozens of income streams you can develop while creating a thriving 6- or 7-figure empire related to your expertise.

You’ll also be able to document your progress as well as their launch, growth and results — all in one place you can revisit any time!

Contact us to request an email announcement when it becomes available (if you’re not already getting our emails).

Create publication income streams from your book.

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